Flipper Remote Control Quick Start Programming Guide

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control
  • This guide is designed to be used alongside the Flipper instruction manual
  • The aim is to explain the programming process in simple logical steps, and provide advice/support that may not be included in the instruction manual
  • We'll also include links to specific support articles and videos by AlzProducts, which may help if you are stuck on a specific step

Step 1 - Programming your TV

Every Flipper set-up begins with programming the Flipper to control your TV.

Please do not try to program your STB until the Flipper has been successfully programmed to your TV

Programming Method A: Code Entry

Explanation: Code entry is the preferred set-up method for the Flipper remote and should allow the Flipper to be programmed quickly and easily

Did you know? The book of codes that are supplied with the Flipper contains two sections, one for TV codes and one for STB codes - please make sure you are looking at the correct section (the STB codes are at the end)

  1. Find the programming codes for your brand of TV in the code list supplied
  2. Try each code one by one - following the instructions in your Flipper manual or our support article and video - How to program the Flipper using the code list
  3. Test the remote control after each code to see if the Flipper is working, continue until the Flipper controls the TV or you've ran out of codes

TV programmed and tested successfully? Then see instructions below under  Step 2: Programming your STB (if required).

TV failed to program? See  Programming Method B below.

Programming Method B: Automatic Code Search

Explanation: Automatic Code Search attempts to program the Flipper by searching all codes in the database for a compatible code with your device. This works because on many occasions there are codes used by other manufacturers that are compatible with other device brands

  1. Follow the Flipper instructions for this programming method, they will be under the subheading Automatic Code Search or Code Search
  2. A) TV programmed and tested successfully? Move onto Step 2: Programming your STB (if required)
    B) TV failed to program? Move onto  Programming Method C

Having difficulty with this method? We do have an  Automatic Code Search support article and video, however, please bear in mind that some of the information provided is inaccurate if your Flipper version is v8. If in doubt please refer to your instructions supplied with the Flipper.

Programming Method C: Learning Set-Up

Explanation: The Learning Set-Up attempts to copy the infrared signal sent by your existing remote control. This programming method has the highest compatibility and should, in theory, allow the Flipper to control any infrared device. This method takes longer than the other methods and has some disadvantages over one of the coded methods, we recommend only using this if absolutely necessary.

  1. Follow the instructions for Learning Set-Up in the Flipper manual or see our support article

Step 2 - Programming your STB (optional)

If you have a Set-Top Box (a box that allows you to access TV channels such as Sky, Virgin, Freeview, YouView, etc) - please follow these instructions.

Before continuing: Your Flipper should be able to turn your TV on/off and also control the volume

  1. Work through the programming methods from A to C to program your STB. This is identical to how you programmed the TV except you will be using the STB button instead of the TV button
  2. Once you have programmed your STB and all buttons have been tested follow the instructions for Dual Mode in your manual or see our Dual Mode support article

Step 3 - Optional Extras

Once programming is complete you can now;

General TV/STB Programming Advice

  • Only use programming codes supplied with your Flipper remote control or from Flipper's online support page (you'll need your Flipper version number, how to find your Flipper version number)
  • We highly recommend not skipping steps in the instructions. If you cannot get your TV programmed successfully then moving onto the STB programming is likely to only cause more problems and make troubleshooting harder
  • If you are programming the Flipper to operate two devices and you're having trouble working out which device is causing you problems, try swapping between devices and retesting all buttons
  • Finally, if you want to reset the Flipper to start the programming again follow our QC reset instructions (which take slightly longer but is a more complete reset than the method provided in the instructions)
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