Troubleshooting the Flipper - Favourites - Channel Skipping

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

Q) Why does the Flipper sometimes skip favourite channels, or change the TV to a completely random channel?

The problem you're experiencing is caused by the Sky/Virgin/STB being unsure of what channel to select from the favourites list.

Simple Explanation & Fix

When adding favourites to the Flipper, it's important you enter the complete 3/4 digit STB/Sky/Virgin channel number.

This is easiest explained by using an example, below we have both the correct & incorrect way of adding these 4 channels to your Flipper favourites on STB; BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Sky Sports News.
Incorrect Method:
  • 1 ADD
  • 2 ADD
  • 3 ADD
  • 401 ADD
Correct Method:
  • 101 ADD
  • 102 ADD
  • 103 ADD
  • 401 ADD
  • Additional Information (a more detailed explanation of this problem)

    If you only use a 1-2 digit channel numbers when adding favourites, the following will happen when you press channel up/down on the Flipper. 

    1. The Flipper sends a partial channel code to the STB
    2. The STB receives part of a channel, and will wait (a couple of seconds) to see whether any other digits will be entered

    At this pause, two outcomes are possible: 

    1. No buttons are pressed: The STB will change to the channel that's been partially received
    2. Channel up/down is pressed: If this happens, the Flipper will send the next favourite channel, and the STB will add the numbers together & change the channel to an incorrect one

    Using the 3 digit method explained above will eliminate the "pause" of the  STB,  as the STB has confirmation of the channel that's required.

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