FAQs for the Flipper

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

Can we still use our existing remote control?

The Flipper works seamlessly alongside your existing remote controls, for both your television & set-top box. There's no need to worry about interference between the two. 

Many of our customers have multiple people living in the same house & watching the same television, some of them use the Flipper whereas the others are happy to use the existing remote controls, there's no problem with this set-up. 

We also recommend customers keep their old remote controls nearby, as the Flipper cannot access the television or set-top box menu at all, so if any technical changes need to be made the old controls must be used.

Can the Flipper control both my TV and STB? How does this work?

The Flipper remote control is the best remote control that we've found in the UK for operating both a TV & a Set-Top Box (STB). The Flipper has a mode for operating both devices which work in the following way:

  • On/Off - Controls both the TV
  • Channel Up/Down - Set Top Box Device
  • Volume Up/Down - TV Volume

How do I delete/reset the favourites list?

Resetting clears all memory, including Favourites, to perform a reset please perform the following; 

  1. Make sure the Flipper is unlocked by; Press and hold ADD until the light turns solid, then enter 956 - the light will blink out
  2. Repeat, but use 'STB' instead of 'ADD'
  3. Repeat, using 'TV' instead of 'ADD/TV'
  4. Reset the Flipper; Press and hold ADD until the light turns solid, then enter 954, the light will blink out

If you are still experiencing problems with your favourites list or the Flipper remote in general, please perform a full QC reset.

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