How to program your favourite channels

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

For the instructions below we are programming the favourite channels for set-top boxes, such as YouView, Virgin, and Sky.

If you receive your channels directly from your digital TV and do not use a set-top box then please use the TV button on the Flipper instead of the STB button.

  1. Write down the list of channels that you would like to program into the Flipper

    Write the channel numbers down using the full 3 digit channel numbers displayed in the TV guide. For example, BBC 1 is usually channel 101.
  2. Press and hold STB and ADD until the Flipper light turns solid
  3. Enter the first channel followed by the ADD button
  4. Enter the next channel followed by the ADD button
  5. Repeat step 4 until all channels have been added


Please see an example button input below for channels 1-5.

101 ADD , 102 ADD , 103 ADD , 104 ADD , 105 ADD

Programming Video

Troubleshooting / Q&A

I was partway through programming the favourites and the light turned off on the Flipper, what should I do?

If the light turns off (instead of remaining solid) partway through programming the Flipper you'll need to re-enter the programming mode in the Flipper (Step 2 above) and continue adding channels from the last favourite channel that was successfully programmed.

I have programmed the favourites but the channels take some time to change, is there a way to speed them up?

Firstly, check that you have entered the full 3 digit programming codes for every favourite channel.

If your channels are still changing slowly this may be fixed by adding an Enter command when programming favourites.

When programming the favourites on the Flipper the Enter function is stored in the Mute button.

Appending the mute button when programming favourites may help speed up the changing of channels. Please see our example of channels 1-5 below.


How do I delete/reset the favourites list?

Resetting clears all memory, including Favourites, to perform a reset please perform the following; 

  1. Make sure the Flipper is unlocked by; Press and hold ADD until the light turns solid, then enter 956 - the light will blink out
  2. Repeat, but use 'STB' instead of 'ADD'
  3. Repeat, using 'TV' instead of 'ADD/TV'
  4. Reset the Flipper; Press and hold ADD until the light turns solid, then enter 954, the light will blink out

If you are still experiencing problems with your favourites list or the Flipper remote in general, please perform a full QC reset.

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