Troubleshooting Favourites - Finding incorrect channels

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

Before following this troubleshooting advice we highly recommend reading and understanding our Flipper Favourites Channel Skipping article.

What this guide will help with

If you are having problems with favourite channels on your Flipper not working correctly (and you've followed our advice in our channel skipping guide) then the next step is to check your favourite channel list for incorrect or inconsistent channels.

The Simplest Solution

We recommend following this article to work out the issue with the favourites, as this can prevent it from happening again and it may also be an issue that repeats itself if it isn't found.

However, if you are looking for the easiest solution without troubleshooting then please see section 2A below for instructions on how to factory reset your Flipper. Carefully reprogramming the favourites list should fix any issues.

1) Finding Problematic Favourite Channels

Problems with the favourite channels that are not caused by the issue outlined in our channel skipping article are most likely caused by a small number of incorrect favourite channels, please follow these steps to find them;

  • Grab a pen and some paper
  • Slowly (waiting 2-3 seconds after each channel press) cycle through all of the favourite channels using the Flipper
  • Write down each channels full number (e.g. 101) in order - if you're unsure of any you can leave them blank for now, leave a gap in the list so you know where they are located
  • Cycle through the favourite channel list until you can complete the list
  • If you're having trouble with some of the channels then one tip is to write down what numbers appear on the screen rather than the channel that is changed (as it may be the channel that is programmed in the Flipper isn't a correct channel)

You should now have a list of favourite channels with gap(s) for channels that are not working properly and have two options to fix the channel list. 

  1. Option 1 is to perform a QC reset and reprogram the Flipper again, including the favourite channel list. Please see section 2A below.
  2. The second option is to delete the favourite channels that are incorrect, please see section 2B below.

All of my favourites appear to be working? If your favourite channels appear to be working correctly when performing this test then we'd recommend viewing our Flipper Favourites Channel Skipping article as the issue is most likely listed there and it's probably caused when changing favourite channels too quickly.

2) How to fix your favourite channel list

Option A - Perform QC factory reset and reprogram all favourites

Performing a QC reset will also remove your Flipper TV and STB programming, so you'll need to reprogram the Flipper again before reprogramming the favourites.

We usually recommend following our instructions in the 'Finding Problematic Favourite Channels' section above before performing a reset, without identifying the cause of the issue it may happen again even after reprogramming

Option B - Deleting incorrect favourite channels

Work through the list of incorrect favourite channels found in the Finding Problematic Favourite Channels step above;

  1. Follow the instructions in the Flipper manual for deleting favourite channels for each number
  2. Check that all of the channels have been deleted by cycling through the channels using the Flipper
  3. Reprogram the favourite channels that you have just deleted into the Flipper
  4. Check that all of the favourite channels are working

Troubleshooting Deleting Favourite Channels

If you're having problems deleting favourite channels on the Flipper please visit our Help Deleting Favourites support article.

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