Learning Set-Up for the Flipper

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

Instructions (from Flipper manual)

Flipper can “learn” (copy) the infra-red signals from your existing remote control. When using the Learning Set-Up each button is programmed separately.

For all instructions below; when programming your TV, use the TV button; when programming your STB, use the STB button
  1. Place both Flipper and your device remote on a table with the tops facing one another and the bulbs in alignment (Flipper's infra-red bulb is the right side bulb)
  2. On the Flipper, press and hold TV (or STB) and ON/OFF until the light starts to flash
  3. Release the buttons
  4. Press and release the key on Flipper that you want to copy (for example, Volume Up), the Flipper light will turn solid
  5. Press and hold the same key from your existing device remote until the light on the Flipper starts flashing. Once flashing, the learning process for that key is done
  6. Keep repeating step 1-5 until all of the buttons are programmed
  7. Press TV or STB to exit
  8. Check the buttons to see if they learned to correct signal. If not, repeat the process as needed until all buttons learn the desired function. It may take a few tries to learn all signals.

Programming Advice

  • Try to restrict the amount of natural sunlight in the room during programming, as this can affect the strength of the infra-red signal
  • Make sure that the batteries are relatively new in both remote controls as it will ensure a strong signal
  • Some remote controls may need to be placed closer than stated in the instruction manual, so they are almost touching the Flipper
  • When trying the Learning Set-Up for the first time, it may be worth programming and testing a single button on the Flipper before moving onto the next
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