Troubleshooting PIR Motion Sensor Alarms

This article refers to our MedPage Battery Operated PIR Transmitter, our Motion Sensor for MPPL Systems, but is also suitable advice for many PIR motion sensor alarms

General Troubleshooting for Alarm Systems

Before following the troubleshooting below for PIR motion sensor alarms, please follow section 1 General Troubleshooting for All Systems in our Troubleshooting Checklist for Inconsistent/Poor Range Transmitters support.

Troubleshooting PIR Motion Sensors

Only continue with the advice below after you have completed the general troubleshooting above

  1. Sunlight and direct heat can affect the motion sensor; please do not fix any PIR motion sensors in direct sunlight, above radiators or heaters, or facing a window as this may cause false alarms or inconsistencies
  2. Be aware; the Motion Sensor has energy saving software that causes a delay between transmissions of 30 second

Importing Testing Information

Due to the energy saving feature of the motion sensor, when testing the sensor you may struggle to trigger multiple alarms in quick succession. This does not mean the sensor is faulty. Please see instructions below.

How to test: Remove yourself from the motion sensor detection area by leaving the room/area with the pager, wait a minute or two, and then enter the area again to trigger the test. Repeat this process including the 1-2 minute wait.

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