MPPL Systems - Adding a transmitter

This article refers to our  MPPL systems

If you have one of our MedPage Wireless Wander Systems you may purchase additional transmitters for your set-up. These instructions will explain how to add a new transmitter to a Wireless Wander System.

Adding a transmitter (or repairing an existing transmitter)

You will need to "learn" the code of the transmitter that will be used with the pager. The pager will ignore all transmissions unless a code has been learnt correctly.

  1. Pager - Remove the back cover (battery compartment) with a Philips screwdriver
  2. Pager - Turn the pager on
  3. Pager - Locate the small self-learn button in the battery compartment, midway between the 2 batteries
  4. Pager - Press the self-learn button briefly to enter self-learn mode, the red LED on the pager will turn on & remain on whilst in self-learn mode (do not hold the button down, simply press it once and release and the red light should appear)
  5. New Transmitter - Trigger a transmission from the transmitter that you wish to pair with the pager (transmitter specific instructions are below)
  6. Pager - If the code is learnt successfully the red LED will turn off, and the pager will automatically exit self-learn mode (red light turns off)
  7. New Transmitter - Wait 5-10 seconds and then see whether the programming has worked by triggering another transmission from your transmitter, on this occasion your pager should sound the alarm
  8. Old transmitters - We recommend testing that all existing/old transmitters still sound the pagers alarm. If any have lost their pairing with your pager then repeat steps 4-7 to repair the transmitter. 
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 to link up to 10 transmitters to your pager
If no transmitter is activated within 120 seconds the pager will automatically exit self-learn mode. Alternatively, you can exit self-learn mode manually by pushing the self-learn button for 3 seconds, or simply turning the pager off

How to trigger a transmission

Motion Sensor - MP-MPPLMS

To trigger a transmission on the Motion Sensor we recommend turning the motion sensor on, placing it on a flat surface nearby, and turning the motion sensor away from you and away from any movement.

Once you have entered Learning Mode, you can then walk past (or use some other movement) in front of the motion sensor to trigger a transmission. A red light should flash inside the motion sensor when this occurs.

Once the motion sensor has been triggered it may take 1-2 minutes to reset before it can be triggered again, this is one of the reasons we recommend placing the motion sensor in a location with no movement during programming.

Door Transmitter - MP-MPPLDC

Trigger the door alarm by either opening/closing the door (if transmitter is already installed) or by placing the two parts to the door transmitter on a flat surface and "breaking the connection" , as described in the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Pressure Mats

Pressure Mats can be triggered by either standing on the mat, if it's on the floor. Alternatively, squeezing/hugging the mat can trigger the transmitter.

You will know when enough pressure has been applied as the red light will briefly flash on the transmitter that's plugged into the pressure mat.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

When trying to add a transmitter, the pager's red LED light flashes twice, what does this mean?

If the pager's red LED light flashes twice it means that the transmitter code is already in the Pager's memory. Try exiting self-learning mode on the pager, turning the pager on, and triggering the transmission to sound the pager alarm.

When trying to add a transmitter, the pager's red LED light flashes 5 times, what does this mean?

If the pager's memory is full the red LED will flash 5 times. The maximum number of different transmitters that can be linked to any single pager is 10.

How do I clear/delete all transmitters from the pager's memory?

If you wish to clear the Pager's memory, turn the Pager's slide switch to the Off position. Then press the self-learn button and, keeping it pressed, turn the Pager's power back on again. The red LED will flash three times and the Pager will automatically go into code learning mode, having deleted all codes that were previously in it's memory.

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