Troubleshooting checklist for inconsistent/poor range transmitters

Our Wireless Wander Alarm Systems are very reliable, if the alarm becomes inconsistent then this can usually be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps below. Although this support article is specific to certain alarm products in our range, many of the troubleshooting tips are universal to local alarm systems.

1) General Troubleshooting for all systems

  1. Install new batteries - For both the Pager and the transmitter (door alarm, motion sensor, pressure mat, etc)
  2. Move/check nearby electronic devices - Move any wireless electrical devices away from either the transmitter or pager. Devices such as radio players, pacemakers, baby monitors, and lifts in care homes, can all cause electrical interference.

    If the devices cannot be moved (such as a lift) then please move the transmitter to an alternative location for testing purposes, this will allow you to determine whether or not the location was causing the inconsistencies.

If you are still having issues after following the above please read the rest of this article for further advise.

2) Specific Troubleshooting & Information

Only continue with the advice below after you have completed the troubleshooting above

3) Repairing/Resetting the transmitter

Repairing the transmitter with your pager (resets the connection between both devices) - Please only attempt this after speaking to a member of staff at AlzProducts, or the manufacturer. Information on how to pair the transmitter with your pager can be found in the instructions, or by reading our Adding a new transmitter article.

4) Still Having Problems?

Please follow the instructions outlined in our Testing Wireless Alarm Installations article as this information will help highlight what the problem with the product is and may allow us to fix the problem without needing to arrange a return.

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