Testing Wireless Alarm Installations

Testing Your Alarm

  • Initially we recommend testing the pager and transmitter with both items near each other (for example, holding the pager in your hand and stepping on the pressure mat)
  • Repeatedly trigger the transmitter and check to see if the pager is sounding the alarm
  • Please follow the instructions in step 1 OR step 2 below, depending on the results of your test

1) If you are able to replicate the issue and the pager is not always sounding the alarm

Please contact AlzProducts (if you purchased from us) or the manufacturer for further advice (only if you have followed the instructions in our Troubleshooting Checklist for Inconsistent Transmitters)

2) If you are not able to replicate the issue and the pager appears to be working when tested

  • Please investigate whether the transmitter may have not been triggered when the alarm failed to sound, for example, it's possible to step around floor pressure mats without triggering them
  • Try retesting the transmitter and pager multiple times with both parts close to the location they were when the failure occured (this may require two people to perform) - For example, standing on the pressure mat upstairs while someone else has the pager in the bedroom or location where the pager is usually kept
  • If the pager sometimes does not trigger the alarm in certain places then the issue would appear to be related to the range/signal (as it worked during the initial tests above, at shorter range)

What Information Is Useful for our Customer Service team

  • How often has the alarm failed to sound?
  • Have you been able to replicate the alarm not working, if so, were you able to replicate this over a short distance or a long distance? How often are you able to replicate this
  • Do you have another transmitter/alarm that is linked/paired with this specific pager, if so, is this alarm/transmitter working without issue?

Why do I need to do this troubleshooting? Can I just return the product to you?

If you have purchased your product from AlzProducts then you are welcome to return the item to us so we can test and check the product. We highly recommend performing the steps in this article and any other troubleshooting provided by our customer service team as this usually fixes any issues, or may highlight any local problems that we would not be able to find if the product is returned.

If you haven't purchased your product from us then we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.

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