Finding your order number

Our customer service team are currently very busy due to COVID-19 and the festive period. Due to this we may need to insist order numbers are provided in situations where our customer service team are unable to find your order on our system using details you have provided

Where we show our order number

You can find your AlzProducts order number in the following places;

  • Order confirmation emails (sent immediately after an order has been successfully placed)
  • Order dispatch emails (sent immediately on dispatch of some/all of the items in your order)
  • Dispatch notes (physical note included with all deliveries)
  • Invoice PDF documents
  • Your Account (if you've created an account with us)

What our order numbers look like

Our order numbers are in the following format;

A) A12345 - The letter A followed by 5 numbers (always 6 characters in length)

Exception: For orders older than May 2017 (see below)

B) PO12345 - The letters PO followed by 5 numbers (only orders placed before May 2017)

Did you order through Amazon/eBay?

We highly recommend (and our support staff may sometimes insist) that contact is made by logging into your account on Amazon or eBay and using their official order contact procedure. For example, by logging into your PayPal account and selecting "contact seller".

What if I'm unable to find my order number?

If you are unable to find your order number then please provide our customer service team with any postcodes that may be associated with your order. We'll search our order system for your postcodes, along with your email address, surname, and any other information provided to try to locate your order.

If we're unable to locate your order using the information provided then we kindly ask that your check your PayPal account or bank statement. Please ensure that the company listed is either AlzProducts or Alzheimer's & Dementia Products Ltd. If the company name does not exactly match on of those two names then the order was placed elsewhere.

If you do confirm our company name on your statement or PayPal account then please provide the exact payment date along with the exact payment amount and we can then locate the order for you.

I have previous correspondence from the company I bought from

Our company name is listed on all correspondence (delivery notes, invoices, automatic emails, customer service emails, etc) and will only appear as one of the following;

  • AlzProducts
  • Alzheimer's & Dementia Products Ltd

If you have official correspondence from the company you ordered from that doesn't include one of the company names above, then the correspondence is not from our company

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