Failed Payment - Bank Code 05

A failed payment with bank code "05 The Authorization was Declined by the bank" is the most common failed payment error for online purchases. The error is given to our payment provider by your bank that issues the debit/credit card.

Quick Solutions

We'll provide a detailed explanation of this error below however the two easiest ways to resolve this error are usually;

  1. Wait until 24 hours later and attempt to place the order again (also double-check all of the information is correct)
  2. Call your bank and ask them to allow the payment

Possible Causes

  • A hold has been placed on the card
  • Insufficient funds, unauthorized funds, spending limit has been reached, or order value is higher than transaction limit
  • Temporary hold - Multiple failed transactions recently for another reason - e.g. trying to place the order with incorrect information (for example, expiry date) may mean the bank declines the payment even after error is amended
  • Transaction flagged as potential fraud or unusual activity
  • Error 05 is sometimes used as a "catch-all" error by banks and therefore there may be other reasons not included here

There are many causes that may trigger the above and they can't always be foreseen, but one common cause is missing/incorrect information entered during checkout.

Detailed Solutions

  • The first recommendation is always to check that all of the information entered is correct and in the relevant fields. This includes both personal information such as name/address but also card details.
  • Use an alternative debit/credit card or use PayPal
  • Contact the bank to request payment authorization (this is of higher importance with larger value and corporate/international orders)
  • Try placing the order again the next day

What can AlzProducts do?

At AlzProducts are options are limited when dealing with bank error code 05, due to the generic non-specific nature of the error. However we can help in a number of ways.

  • We can confirm that a failed payment is due to bank error 05 - Although this doesn't pinpoint the issue it eliminates other reasons for a failed payment
  • When our telephone lines are open we can try taking the payment over the phone
  • If your order is urgent and this has caused delays to dispatch we will usually be happy to upgrade your delivery service to a quicker method (once the order has been successfully made)
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