Returning a faulty product directly to the manufacturer

These instructions are for when a product is required to be returned directly to the manufacturer.

Why return directly to the manufacturer?

At AlzProducts we always do whatever is necessary to resolve faulty products in the most convenient way for our customer. Usually faulty products are returned to ourselves but sometimes we may request they are returned direct to the manufacturer.

  • The decision to return directly to the manufacturer is always made based on what we believe is best for our customers
  • In the majority of cases you have the legal right to decide whether to send your return to the manufacturer or directly to us at AlzProducts
  • Should you decide to return to us we will still do our best to resolve your return as quickly as possible but it is likely to take longer as we'll need to send it to the manufacturer and they will send it back to us repaired/replaced, before we can then send it back to you

What to include

  • Your invoice or dispatch note (login to your account or contact us for a copy)
  • Contact name and telephone number (if not included on the invoice)
  • A description of the fault
  • A return address for repair/replacement (if different from address on invoice/dispatch note)

Posting your product

  • Please ensure that your product has sufficient packaging
  • We highly recommend using a signed for shipping method that also has sufficient insurance, for example, Royal Mail 1st/2nd class Signed For (get a price on Royal Mail's website)

If you require assistance after posting your return...

We usually recommend contacting the manufacturer first as they are likely to have more information on the return and will be able to check whether they have received it and whether it has been returned to you.

Sending your return directly to the manufacturer will not prevent our customer service team from helping you throughout the process. If you have any queries or need any assistance after your item has been returned and you are unable to contact the manufacturer (or would prefer not to) please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our members of staff will be happy to help.

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