On/Off Options for Flipper Remote

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

This support article is only relevant when using the Flipper with both a TV and Set-Top Box (STB)

The Flipper has two options for when the on/off button is used.

1) On/Off - TV Only

  • To enable - Press & hold ADD until the light turns solid, then enter 999 - the light will blink out;

Please see Standby/Power Saving Mode below for further information/instructions when using TV only On/Off

2) On/Off - Both devices

  • To enable - Press & hold ADD until the light turns solid, then enter 998 - the light will blink out;

Recommended Setting

The recommended set-up is option 1) On/Off TV Only.

The Flipper is an IR remote control and requires a direct line of sight. Sometimes the Flipper may be positioned in a way that causes one device to turn on while the other stays off, or vice versa. We recommend keeping your STB permanently on to eliminate the possibility of an on/off mismatch.

Standby/Power Saving Mode

Please be aware that there can sometimes be issues when using the TV Only option and you may need to adjust the power saving settings on your STB. Some STBs will automatically shut down after a set amount of time due to power saving settings. You may need to turn this setting off.

Please refer to your STB instruction manual or contact the manufacturer of your STB for information on how to turn off standby mode.

Are you a Sky/Virgin customer? We have a support article for power saving settings specifically for Virgin/Sky customers that provides more detailed information on how to change your power settings.

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