Resetting MPPL Pager

Resetting the pager

  1. On the MPPL pager, unscrew the back cover
  2. Press and hold the black button in between the two batteries until the pager vibrates twice (this will reset the pager programming)

Re-pairing your transmitter(s)

Now we need to pair your transmitter(s) again, detailed instructions on how to do this can be found by visiting MPPL Systems - Adding a transmitter but please see the shortened version below;

  1. On the pager, briefly press the black button and release (the red light on the front of the pager should be solid)
  2. Now "trigger" the transmitter (for example, standing on a pressure mat) the pager should vibrate and the light will turn off
  3. Now trigger the transmitter again and the pager should alarm as it did previously
  4. If it doesn't, try the process again from step 1 and it will most likely work a second time
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