WiFi Alarms - Forcing your phone to connect to 2.4ghz network

This article refers to our  WiFi Alarm Systems

Our NetzHome WiFi alarm systems require your phone to be connected to the 2.4ghz WiFi band during initial set-up, these instructions are for customers who have a router such as the BT Smart Hub 2, that has a dual-band system that does not allow you to split the 2.4ghz connection from the 4ghz connection.

Unfortunately none of the proposed solutions are ideal but they are as follows;

  • Use a different router that allows the splitting of dual-bands
  • As the set-up only needs to be done once, if you have any devices android or iPhone that are older then you may have more luck downloading the app on these devices and pairing the WiFi alarm (if the device isn't 4ghz compatible it will automatically use the 2.4ghz connection)
  • 4ghz signal has less range than 2.4ghz, therefore the pairing may work if you have your phone far enough away from the router that your WiFi signal is weak, and have a friend time the pairing process with the WiFi alarm close to the router. As you will likely be too far from the router for the 4ghz to work so it would default to 2.4ghz

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