Entering PIN code for Sky/Virgin using the Flipper

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

This article outlines potential options for entering a PIN code on Sky/Virgin or other set-top boxes, when using remote controls that have no visible 0-9 number pad, such as our Flipper remote control.

Unfortunately, there are no simple/ideal solutions to this issue. As far as we're aware PIN codes aren't able to be removed from Sky/Virgin boxes and the Flipper does not have a perfect solution.

Option 1 - Use the hidden Flipper 0-9 buttons

The PIN code can technically be entered on the Flipper in the same way as a standard remote control. If you slide down the Flipper's front compartment to reveal the hidden buttons (the ones you use for programming) there are also buttons for 0-9. 

These can be used to enter the PIN code, although we appreciate this may not be suitable for many of our customers as you need to know these buttons are there and remember how to access them.

Option 2 - Use your existing Sky remote control

The Flipper can be used alongside any existing remote controls that you own. Some of our customers will keep the Sky remote nearby for occasions where advanced functionality, such as entering a PIN code, is required.

Option 3 - Use an alternative simple remote control

There are alternative simple remote controls available that have always visible 0-9 buttons, for example our Geemarc Easy TV 10. These remote controls come with other disadvantages, such as being more complicated for the end user.

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