Troubleshooting with the Manufacturer

Sometimes we may recommend or request that you contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot your product before we look at returning or replacing the item. This article will outline the reasons for this and some commonly asked questions about the process.

Why can't you help me with the product?

At AlzProducts we're proud to offer technical support for our products and we have a knowledgeable and experienced customer service team that can answer many questions. Our customer service team answer the majority of technical queries and problems that our customers have. However, sometimes it may be best to speak with the manufacturer directly for a number of reasons;

  • Products may be new or our staff may not have a large amount of experience with them
  • Situations may require a speedy response (it's quicker for you to contact them directly than for us to act as a middleman)
  • Our staff may not have access to all of the data required for troubleshooting (this only affects complicated remote products such as our GPS range)
  • Products that are highly technical or are being used in sensitive environments may require the technical expertise of the manufacturer

Why can't I just return the product for a repair/replacement?

If your product is over 30 days old then we may (in some circumstances) highly recommend that a product is troubleshooted before we look at repairing or replacing the item. There's usually good reasons for this;

  • There are local factors that may be causing problems with the product; such as wireless interference, GPS signal, or something else*
  • Our experience shows that this is likely something that can be fixed without needing the item to be returned

* If there is a local factor that can be causing problems with your product and troubleshooting is not done before the item is returned we could end up in a situation where the device works perfectly for us (or the manufacturer) and that makes resolving the issue more complicated for all parties involved


  • Always have the product with you and be ready to spend some short time troubleshooting the issue
  • COVID-19: Due to a reduction in customer service staff available, especially via telephone, it may be best to phone in advance (if you don't always have access to the product, or time is an issue) to 'book an appointment'

What AlzProducts can do

  • We'll only request that you contact the manufacturer of a product that we know are able to provide UK based customer service (including by phone call)
  • If you do have any issues during the troubleshooting process or there is anything we can help you with our customer service team are always at hand
  • If the issue isn't fixed after troubleshooting then you can either return the product to ourselves or directly to the manufacturer
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