Troubleshooting photo button phones

In this article we'll provide troubleshooting advise for some of the issues that may be encountered when using/installing photo button telephones.

Not all photo buttons will program during installation

Before reporting a fault we recommend performing the following checks as it's rare that a single photo button is faulty;

  1. Try programming a different telephone number to this photo button as there may be a specific issue with the number (even if you know the number to be correct we would still recommend trying this)
  2. Please double-check the instructions and make sure you are following them exactly as described, unfortunately sometimes the programming for photo buttons is complicated (even for our staff) and the phone may appear to save the number but it hasn't saved as one step was not performed correctly

What if my photo buttons are still not working?

Please contact us via our website (if you purchased the phone from us) or the retailer that the phone was purchased from. You may also want to contact the manufacturer for technical support.

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