Micro GPS - Troubleshooting location errors

This article refers to our  Micro GPS Locator

1) Settings to Check

The first thing to check is that the following settings are turned on in your smartphone APP.

  • Open your APP and go to Settings > About Device
  • Check that the LBS Filter and WiFi Filter are both on (indicated by a blue circle)

If they are not on you can turn them on as follows;

  • Push the pencil icon located at the top of the About Device page
  • Press the circle icon next to LBS Filter and/or WiFi Filter (the circle will turn blue)
  • Save settings the using the icon at the top of the page

2) Signal Check

Check that the signal is strong enough in the area that your in, you can do this by using the same SIM card in a mobile phone. It's important to use the same SIM card so you can check that there are no issues with the SIM, but also so you're checking the signal strength of the correct network.

Please ensure that you turn WiFi off on your mobile phone when checking the signal. The majority of phone functions can now be performed using WiFi and many phones will appear to have strong signal when connected to WiFi, even if mobile signal is weak.

Still having problems?

If after completing the above the location still is inaccurate the location that appears may be the last known location of the device, or it could be an incorrect location sent by the SIM network.

You can try texting #url to the micro locator and if it replies with a google map location that is incorrect then this usually means the wrong location is being provided by the network SIM.

If you continue to have problems and you purchased your GPS locator from AlzProducts then please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

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