How to program the photo buttons for AmpliDECT Photo

This article refers to our  Geemarc AmpliDECT295 Photo - Cordless Telephone with Photo Memories but  not the  Geemarc PhotoDECT295 - Additional Handset

Please note

  • When entering the telephone number you wish to save, you must use the M1, M2, etc, buttons located on the base unit (not the cordless handset)
    E.g - M1 as number 1, M2 as number 2, etc
  • Please see image below for the R button mentioned in the instructions

Programming your photo buttons

  1. Press the R button (located bottom right of base unit)
  2. Enter the telephone number you wish to save using the M1, M2, etc buttons on the base unit (do not enter the numbers into the cordless handset, see notes above for further information)
  3. Press the R button once more
  4. Press and hold the photo button you want to save the number to - until the LED light turns on - this will confirm that the number has been saved
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