Amplidect295 Programming

Preparation before pairing

  • Please ensure that all handsets are fully charged
  • Remove the handset from your base-station (the main cordless telephone unit)
  • Remove the handset that you wish to pair from it's charging station

How to enter registration mode on the main base unit

  1. Remove the handset from the base unit
  2. Behind the handset will be "handset locator" button
  3. Press and hold the button until you hear a beep, the light will start to flash on the base
  4. The main base unit is now in registration mode

Now on the unpaired additional handset follow the chapter in the quick start guide under the title of "HANDSET REGISTRATION" - or see below.

Registering an additional handset

  1. Quickly press [VOL+] [SPK] [VOL-] [SPK] [VOL+] [VOL-] [SPK]
  2. Handset should make a "Bi,Bi" tone
  3. Place Handset in charge on base unit - The red LED flashes quickly to indicate registration in process

You hear a confirmation tone when the registration process completes. It takes up to 60 seconds to complete the registration.

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