How to check compatibility for your Flipper remote control and Sky Q box

This article refers to our  Flipper Big Button Remote Control

UPDATE: September 2017: The Flipper remote control is currently only compatible with some Sky Q boxes

The latest version of the Flipper remote control is only compatible with specific Sky Q box manufacturers.

Confirmed compatible with manufacturer: Pace

Confirmed incompatible with manufacturer: Cisco

How do I find out the manufacturer of my Sky box?

Please follow the instructions in the Flipper manual for setting up your TV before moving onto programming the Sky Q STB.

Programming your Sky Q STB

Summary of differences

The key differences between programming a normal STB and the Sky Q STB are as follows;

  • Initial programming - The Sky Q box can only be programmed using the Learning Set-Up method
  • Saving favourites - Before attempting to program favourites the 0-9 buttons must also be individually programmed using the Learning Method

Programming the Flipper - Step by Step Instructions

Follow the instructions for programming the Flipper for Learning Set-Up ( instructions, page 12) with your Sky Q remote control. Remember to replace "TV" for "STB" when following the instructions, for example, you should press and hold STB + On/Off until you get a solid light
You will need to program the following buttons using the method above; Channel Up, Channel Down, On/Off (you probably won't need to program volume/mute as this is controlled by your TV)
Test the buttons - To make sure they have been programmed correctly
Press & release the ADD button - This enters dual-mode where the Flipper now controls your TV + Sky box
Test all buttons on the Flipper - The Flipper should now control your TV volume/mute, and your Sky Q channels. The on / off button should operate both devices

2) Programming a Favourite Channel List for Sky Q

Before programming a favourites channel list you must repeat the Learning Set-Up programming for the 1-0 buttons that are located inside the Flipper remote control. The reason for this is these are the buttons that are used by the Flipper when programming favourite channels.

Please see an example below of the Learning Set-Up for the number 1 button on the Flipper remote control. We are only providing shortcut instructions below, for full instructions on the Learning Set-Up please refer to page 12 of the instructions.

On the Flipper press & hold the STB + On / Off buttons
Press & release the "1" button on the Flipper, located inside the programming compartment
Press & hold the "1" button on your Sky Q remote control
Once successfully programmed repeat for numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
Follow the instructions for programming a favourite channel list located on page 7 of the Flipper instructions
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